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Aboriginal Australians meet at sacred Uluru to discuss first chance of recognition

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Aboriginal Australian leaders are meeting at the sacred landmark of Uluru to decide how the countrys first inhabitants, who date back about 50,000 years before British colonizers...div class=feedflare a href=htt...

Belgian hermit on Austrian mountain awaits visitors with schnapps

VIENNA (Reuters) - A 58-year-old former surveying technician from Belgium has taken up his new post as the official hermit of Saalfelden, living in a hut-sized chapel built into a cliff in the...div class=feedflare a href=http://f...

New Cairo museum hopes Tutankhamun's chariot will be a draw for tourists

CAIRO (Reuters) - A chariot and funeral bed belonging to ancient Egypts boy-king Tutankhamun were safely moved on Tuesday across Cairo to a new museum that Egypt hopes will lure back wary tourists.div class=feedflare a href=http:/...

Japanese interactive art exhibition dazzles Beijing

BEIJING (Reuters) - A new digital interactive exhibition in Beijing allows visitors to create their own art and see it immediately reflected in the work being displayed around them.div class=feedflare a href=http://feeds.reuters.c...

Thousands throng to bow to St Nicholas relics in Moscow

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Thousands of people lined up for hours in Moscow on Monday to venerate the relics of Saint Nicholas, believed by Orthodox Christians to have miraculous powers, after his remains...div class=feedflare a href=http...

London's Chelsea Flower Show to open with a volcano and a secret garden

LONDON (Reuters) - A secret garden and model erupting volcano are among the main attractions of this years Chelsea Flower Show, Britains premier gardening show which is enticing royalty and...div class=feedflare a href=http://feed...

Fifty years after Six Day War, Jerusalem retains much of its old look

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel will soon mark the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War, a conflict in which it captured the Old City of Jerusalem and more than two dozen Palestinian villages around it...div class=feedflare a href=htt...